To Raise and Nuture Deejaying Talent in the Region. To Mentor students who aspire to have a career as professional DJs

Genius Dj School is built on Quality and Professionalism.  We take into consideration the varying interests of aspiring DJs from different walks of life and also give an opportunity to school leavers, college students and the Cooperate Fraternity.

Whether one is a seasoned DJ Performer or dreaming to be one, Genius Dj School offers a boundless selection of comprehensive Programs, Courses and Private Lessons to get one started or perfect their craft

GDS Spreads the Art of deejaying around the Region with the best tutors available including The Mix Genius “DJ Sadic” (Founder and CEO of GDS)



Classes are individually booked and run for an hour everyday depending on the students preference and schedule

There are special classes (After office classes) that have been structured to fit the busy schedule. They run between 6:00pm and 8:00pm on Mondays to Friday

This is an Eight Week Course Curriculum developed with a view to producing competent and creative Radio, TV, DJ Battles, Club and Mobile Deejays.

Students are Introduced to various Deejaying equipment with emphasis on creative operation of modern digital equipment.

They are later introduced to field lessons which include attending and reporting on live Events.

For advanced DJs we create custom modules catered for the level and individual wishes with topics like video mixing and scratching.

We also Certify each Participant at the end of the Course!

Course Content


Introduction to Deejaying

DJ History & Culture

Basic Music Theory and Song Structure

Basic Mixing and blending

Basic Scratching and timing

Exposure to new Technology (Serato, Mix Emergency, CDJs, mixing consloes etc.)


Equipment Set Up


Turn Table Tricks ( juggling, scratching ad beat breaking)

Computer Aided Deejaying

Brand Mixes

Ins and Outs of Equipment (turntables, mixers, speakers)

Troubleshooting in a live scenario

Basic Branding and Marketing tips

Video Mixing

Fees Structure & Application

Registration: Ksh. 5,000

Tuition: Ksh. 35,000

Total: Ksh. 40,000

NB: The Fee is also payable in two instalments of Ksh. 20,000 per month

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